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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

The weed store you can buy with Franklin is the best property by value wise, imo. It's like 250, or around there, and you make about 9 per week. Don't need to do anything other than occasionally drive the truck from a house to the store (which takes 2 minutes). No deliveries, no cops on my ass, and no store attacks as far as I have owned it.

I've had a lot of work to do the last few days so I haven't been playing.

Right now I'm at 56.5%. I don't even remember the last mission I did. I think maybe the one where you use Michael and you are with the FIB agents. ...white text>I think that's the one you scuba dive into a base and then steal a toxin or something.

Let me check the stats:
-Says the last mission played for all the characters was "Monkey Business", so whatever that was.
-47/69 missions
-21/42 hobbies and pastimes
-8/20 strangers and freaks
-14/14 random events
-4/16 misc.

I know I haven't found any of the spaceship, collectables, and whatever yet.

I want to finish the main story before online.

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