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Default Re: Tryouts/Condition/Works Out Start Next Week.

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
be as active as possible, communicate loud and clear, don't hesitate making quick decisions so that other players can have as much time to react to you

ie. if you go for a steal or rotate to help or go to trap someone, do it decisively. If you hesitate, the rest of your team will hesitate in adjusting accordingly. every move you make on the defensive end must be accompanied by some other movement from the 4 other players. great defensive players know this and augment the collective whole of the team's defense).

and keep you hands active and up at all times and stay in your stance at all times, you'll be surprised how many deflections you can get this way that you otherwise wouldnt get. an extra couple of inches could make all the difference between a clean post entry and a deflection that forces a post player to receive it further away from the basket or even forces a turnover.

and sometimes you have to be downright nasty. this isn't really a skill than it is a mindset. some players have it, some don't. But don't shy away from being physical with who you're guarding. until you're called for a foul, pester the shit out of anyone you guard, and most importantly move your feet and use your body to block/cut off angles I guarantee this will get you noticed.

thanks for the tips bro. ill be sure to use these on tuesday. when playing defense, do you play on your toes?
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