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Default Re: Top 10 video games of all time..

Originally Posted by talkingconch
some of you guys seem very young. No Zelda Ocarina of time?

This, i find it disturbing that there have been this many responses and no OoT yet.

Anyways, this is my personal list.

1- The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. (won't really get into it, but the feeling you get when playing through this game is unlike any other i've experienced)

2- Final Fantasy X. (the story is just on another level)

3- Kingdom Hearts 1. (Story, enjoyment factor, characters.. it all clicked)

4- Resident Evil 4. (replay factor is extremely high because of the amazing pace of the game.. first playthrough was just magical)

5- Metroid Prime. (Atmosphere was top notch. Setting, story.. just awesome)

6- Dragon Quest VIII. (This is the most enjoyable RPG i've played.. i have beaten it countless times because of how enjoying the game is. The world is extremely immersive, and the monster sidequest is one of the best ever)

7- The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. (winning)

8- God of War 1. (must-play, the first one was the best and the story/setting was excellent)

9- Final Fantasy XII. (Game-play is extremelly well done, two amazing characters, but story is keeping it from being historic)

10- Dark Souls. (Play it, be amazed)

Now, i haven't beaten The Last of Us, so i can't include it.

Other games that missed the cut were:

Final Fantasy 5.

Resident Evil. (game cube remake)

Uncharted 2.

The Last of Us. (At friends, didn't finish it.. probably would have been included)
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