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Default Re: The sure to be epic 2013 Jazz off-season!

Training Camp Challenge

Jump Andris Biedrins on the depth chart. Rudy Gobert has the toughest training camp challenge. Rudy Gobert is not only competing against Biedrins everyday in camp, he is competing against Ty Corbin's past preference for veteran players.

He might be better off getting big minutes in the D-League but even that might not happen with so many teams sending guys to just a few teams now. He was impressive and appears to be a great fit for Utah. Might be hard to keep him off the floor. He looks to be a better fit than Favors to me.

Gobert will have to show he can avoid foul trouble, stay his ground against bigger opponents, and is less of an offensive liability than Biedrins.

His screen setting alone probably moves him ahead of Biedrins unless Biedrins returns to form somehow.

In no world should Rudy Gobert lose a camp battle against Andris Biedrins. This is the same Biedrins who had Festus Ezeli leapfrog him on the depth chart. For reference, Festus Ezeli was the 30th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. Jeremy Tyler even got some burn to avoid Andris Biedrins making it on to the court. If Rudy Gobert can play at a Festus Ezeli level or higher in training camp he should be the backup center. But, BUT, this is a Tyrone Corbin coached team.

Different teams. Jazz need a vet more than GS did. Biedrins still brings it at the other end and on the boards. Comes down to how much you can live with him at the other end of the court.
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