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Default Re: The sure to be epic 2013 Jazz off-season!

Training Camp Challenge

Seize the starting point guard position and get on the same page as Derrick Favors. Trey Burke must show and prove from day 1 that he is unequivocally the best point guard on the roster. Not by a small margin, but by a wide margin. His competition is John Lucas III, Ian Clark, and Scott Machado.

Alec Burks and really Hayward. They need Burke to be able to score and match up defensively more than to run the team at this stage I'd think.

He must show he is the man. As Trey goes so do the Utah Jazz. The faster Trey Burke learns the intricacies of the flex offense and how to ready defenses through the lens of the flex the better the Jazz will be. His progression will allow Derrick Favors to blossom and develop and a high rate. Trey Burke has the potential to be a devastating pick and roll point guard. Derrick Favors is a devastating pick and roll power Forward who has spent all summer working with the greatest pick and roll power forward of all time, Karl Malone. These two must think as one by the end of the season or an already difficult season will get a lot harder.

As he goes so do the Jazz? I see no reason to put more pressure on him than he can handle. Hayward and Burks can run the team as he acclimates.
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