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Default Re: We might be seeing the "Steam Box" here soon

Originally Posted by Jameerthefear
That is a high price tag. Wouldn't it be cheaper just to build a computer at that price?
Sort of. I'm not a huge computer gamer. But you could probably make that for less than that I think. I'm sure Kungfro and Qwyjibo can tell you for sure. But it's main selling point is that you can easily upgrade the specs of it. And for a guy who's decent with computers, but is a bit skeptical on upgrading/building one himself it could work if they market it right.

I mean I'm interested in pc gaming, but I don't have 1000 to drop on a gaming computer. I was completely prepared to not get a console this generation and just go with a pc until I heard Valve backed out of the Piston. Glad I did because the price tag. Now if steam makes a steam box that's in the $500 range I might sell off my ps4 for it, if it makes financial sense.

EDIT: someone on the article said in theory you can build it for less already and listed the parts, but I don't know if you could make it that small though on your own.

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