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Originally Posted by HardwoodLegend
X infinity

I'm weird and slightly OCD about my cases though. If my case is cracked or damaged in anyway (won't snap shut due to a missing piece), I have to replace it with a new one. But, definitely not obsessing over a simple cardboard slipcover. Glad I don't have it that bad.

Speaking of cases, I wish all Blu-Ray's came in the clear cases like Criterion's do.

Same size dimensions as a standard Blu-Ray case. I'm oddly annoyed by the extra blue space on top with that embossed "Blu-Ray" on most of the releases.

Some 3D ones by Sony have been in clear cases, but I wouldn't want all of them to come in clear. I like the blu cases, almost as much as my green cases that the Incredible Hulk and The Grinch are in.
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