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Default Re: The sure to be epic 2013 Jazz off-season!

Lindsey said he has a “gentleman’s agreement” with the agents of Hayward and Favors to not discuss their deals in public, either. Utah has until the end of October to extend the players’ contracts. If that doesn’t happen, the Jazz have the option of turning them into restricted free agents next offseason.

“As you guys can assume, we’re having active conversations. We’re hopeful,” Lindsey said. “The good news is guys, we’ll (maybe) reach a deal now — that’s what we’re hoping to do. There’s some advantages to that. There’s also some advantages if we can’t reach a deal; we can wait until next year.”

Both sides have to decide which gamble they’d rather make — strike a deal before it’s really known what Favors and Hayward can do with increased opportunities or wait it out until they’ve shown what happens when they’re the go-to guys.
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