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Default Re: The sure to be epic 2013 Jazz off-season!

Enes Kanter talked to David Locke about how Karl Malone helped him improve.

It was so much fun. He's a really fun guy. Just not about basketball, but it's fun to be around him, his family, cuz he's really such a nice guy, and his family is also, too. And we had a lot of hard practices. And besides basketball, we went a fishing.

Most of the summer we worked on the balance and leg strength. He said if your legs aren't strong you're going to get pushed around. And, ya know, he talked about when he was playing how he treated his teammates, how he treated his coaches. So, he helped me a lot. When you listen to a legend like that, he helped me a lot.

Karl threw his teammates under the bus.

It's interesting to compare Kanter's experience with Karl Malone with Derrick Favors' experience. Favors' seemed more inclined to keep what he learned close to the vest. While Kanter is doing the same, Kanter seems to have grown immensely from being around Malone and his family. He grew up. But Kanter won't share everything he learned.

Kanter on Malone: "Even when he talks you understand why he's a legend...He taught me some secrets I can't say on here." #JazzMediaDay

Jeremiah Jensen (@JJSportsBeat) September 30, 2013
Are there going to be some Malone-esque elbows in Kanter's future?

Big Al wants Kanter 1 on 1.

Enes Kanter telling story of running into Al Jefferson at P3 this summer. Said Al asked Corbin for no double teams vs CHA. Wants 1v1 w Enes.

Bill Oram (@tribjazz) September 30, 2013
This MUST happen. There needs to be a master vs. pupil head to head match up.

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