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Default Re: 2013 Fall camp/Pre-Season!

But Trey Burke, being new here and trying to be helpful, offered clarification as training camp opened this week as he tried to answer a question about the need to be patient in his development as the next point guard to follow the path carved by a certain No. 12.

"I think thatís a point that John," Burke said, before cutting himself off to make a clarification, "John Stockton, was telling me about as well."

Stockton, the Hall of Famer, watched Burke in summer league, too. He, too, saw Burke make mistake after mistake in Orlando, shoot 1 for 19, and invite the scorn of the sorts of folks who expected the NBA Draftís No. 9 pick to be more, well, Stocktonesque.

And when Burke joined Jazz shooting guard Alec Burks in Spokane, Wash., last month to learn from the NBAís all-time assists leader, Stockton told Burke he was rushing and thatís why he looked lost in the offense.

"He said the better passer you are the better scorer youíre going to be," Burke recalled.

After a summer league performance in which he shot 1 of 19 from 3-point range, Burke has been all ears. With that, heís heard plenty of criticism of the way he debuted.

Two months later, though, the consensus National Player of the Year, who led the the University of Michigan to the NCAA championship game, says the performance doesnít bother him.

"I think it mattered to me at the time," he said, "because, of course, as a basketball player I wanted to play well. Now Iím past summer league; I watched it, seen what I could have done better."

By June, he was undisputedly the most highly regarded point guard in the draft. The Jazz, meanwhile, were searching for one.

"We traded two picks to get an opportunity to get him, so expectations are high," coach Tyrone Corbin said. "As I told him, just learn the lessons. Itís a different league, itís an entirely different animal that youíre getting to face."

The Jazz never seemed particularly worried about Burkeís summer showing, cautioning that it was his first opportunity to play against pros and in the Jazz system. A conversation the coaching staff had with John Beilein, Burkeís coach at Michigan, also may have helped with their patience.

"The kid, since he left the tournament, since he left school, was going around the country receiving awards," Corbin said Beilein told the Jazz. "Then the draft, then he signed. He really didnít have time to put in the work for a new challenge, and NBA basketball was a new challenge for him."

The Jazz have taken special care to help Burke this summer. They sent him to Las Vegas with player development assistant Johnnie Bryant to attend a camp conducted by legendary NBA assistant coach Tim Grgurich. They sent him to spend time with Stockton. Perhaps as important as any of it, though, was the addition of Lucas, noted good guy and veteran point guard, to serve as a backup and mentor.

I'd say the 2 or 3 days with Stock was most important.

The Jazz let all three of the point guards on last yearís roster ó Mo Williams, Earl Watson and Jamaal Tinsley ó depart in free agency and it was unclear who Burke would learn from in the locker room. Burks played point guard for parts of last season, but the addition of Burke was expected to allow Burks to shift back to his natural two-guard position.

Enter Lucas.

In the weeks the two trained together, before the start of training camp, the veteran developed a strong feeling about the rookie.

"Treyís going to develop into a wonderful player," Lucas said. "Heís going to be a star in this league. He has the tools, he has the mentality, and he has the heart."

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