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Default Re: 2013 Fall camp/Pre-Season!

UPDATE ON MARVIN: Veteran guard Marvin Williams continues on his road to recovery from offseason surgery to repair a sore right heel and Achilles tendon.

With an anticipated recovery time of at least six months, Williams is not expected to return to the floor until December.

"Its going to be a little while, from what I understand, but hes working his butt off to try and get ready," Corbin said. "Weve just got to wait and see how his body responds."

When it comes to nailing down a specific date, Corbin said he would defer to Williams and the athletic training staff.

"Im going to listen to Briggs and the doctors and Marvin on that," he said. "Hes coming along. We want to make sure were doing the right things by him so when hes back, hes back for the long haul and not just coming back and getting hurt again."

Williams, who is entering his second season with the Jazz and his ninth in the league, averaged a career-low 7.2 points per game on 42 percent shooting a year ago.

Still, Corbin appreciates Williams' experience and leadership with such a young incoming roster.

"Who he is, how he conducts himself, the leadership ability that he has, the respect for the game and his teammates that he has," Corbin said. "All those things will help us grow."

All I hope is he makes it back in time to unload him to someone else. Wish they'd make up their mind though. First he's out the first couple months or so than he's coming back early.

What about Rush? He's someone I'm actually looking forward to seeing play.
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