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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

Originally Posted by Clutch
I coulnd't agree more with this.

He has a pretty solid trade value but his performance in the last 2 playoffs was nothing short of horrible.
I guess that's what winning a title and a DPOY does to you. Even if you suck,people can still say "he's got a ring and won a DPOY,he must be worth something" or "he's a leader and does little things that help you win ".

You already know how that goes. One dummy "analyst" says it and it becomes the law of the land. Nobody puts two and two together though. Most of the more respected analysts were scrubs or role players in the NBA. Greg Anthony, Tim Legler, Jon Barry, Steve Kerr etc. MFers get up there and act like having talent is meaningless and say crap like "he does all the little things" or "he does things that don't show up in the stat sheet." Time for Tyson to start manning up and doing the things that DO show up in the stat sheet in the games that matter most.
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