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Default Re: 2013 Fall camp/Pre-Season!

O’Connor admits trading Williams in 2011 was "a risk. ... But the All-Star point guard "probably wasn’t" going to sign a long-term extension to stay in Utah.

Still think it had more to do with him driving Sloan out than rather or not he was going to sign an extension. The fact that he took the 2nd offer on the table from the only team that knew he was available is still hard to believe!

O’Connor will be "back-and-forth" between South Carolina and Utah during the coming season.

"I hope we come out," he said "and play our butts off. I hope we silence a few of the people. I know where we are, but I hate the word ‘rebuilding.’

"To me, rebuilding sounds like you accept the fact you aren’t going to win. That’s not what Larry [Miller] ever believed and I think that permeates through the organization."

They obviously aren't trying to win this year no matter how they want to spin it.
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