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Default Re: 2013 Fall camp/Pre-Season!

2000: DeShawn Stevenson (23), Kaniel Dickens (50)

Good fit for the system not for Jerry.

2001: Raul Lopez (24), Jarron Collins (53)

Too bad Raul's knees weren't up to the pounding of the NBA. He was a great fit. Too bad Jerry loved Collins.

2002: Ryan Humphries (19), Jamal Sampson (47). Note: Humphries traded to Orlando for Curtis Borchard

Curtis another one who's body wasn't built for the pounding of the NBA.

2003: Sasha Pavlovic (19), Mo Williams (47)

Could have been one of his better drafts if they'd stayed around for more than a season. Wouldn't have gotten Deron if they'd kept Mo.

2004: Kris Humphries (14), Kirk Snyder (16), Pavel Podkolzin (21). Note: Podkolzin traded to Dallas for future first-round pick

A couple more non-Jerry guys. Too bad Snyder was crazy. He could have been a good fit.

2005: Deron Williams (3), C.J. Miles (34), Robert Whaley (51)

Poor CJ. Never could live up to Sloan and the fans expectations. Should have been Paul!

2006: Ronnie Brewer (14), Dee Brown (46), Paul Millsap (47)

Brewer and Paul! A couple great fits.

2007: Morris Almond (25), Herbert Hill (55). Note: Hill traded to Philadelphia for Kyrylo Fesenko.

Splitter was available and they already had Brewer and CJ. Fesenko

2008: Kosta Koufos (23), Ante Tomic (44), Tadija Dragicevic (53)

Loved Kosta. Still not sure why he fell out of favor? Ante next season finally?

2009: Eric Maynor (20), Goran Suton (50)

Oklahoma thanks you for the gift!

2010: Gordon Hayward (9), Jeremy Evans (55)

2011: Enes Kanter (3), Alex Burks (12)

Along with 2006 these look like his best drafts other than getting Deron. 2011 especially looks like it could end up being special.

2012: Kevin Murphy (47)

Looks like he got better at drafting over the years. Sloan certainly wasn't easy to draft for.

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