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Default Re: BTE: Biggest Thread Ever!!! LVI

Skyler- annoying as fck. Your husbands only priority is to provide for you and your family before his cancer defeats him. Get off his fcking back. I resent her. Walt and her could have talked exactly how everything he was doing would be his liability only, and shed be untouched, they just needed to talk and make a plan.

Jesse- cool character. Made me laugh a lot and was interesting to see someone who was sort of peer pressured into the ghetto lifestyle, but still reigns on top among them from his aptitude of being a good kid on the inside who could have truly been something had he applied himself. I got really bored of him when he started moping around, I think this was a huge mistake, he should have been upset, but never should have lost his fire like he did after his girl died. It makes sense, but for the show I felt like I was missing out.

Saul- cool, charismatic funny character. Awesome middle man, liked that he had a backbone but still knew his place. But he wasn't very noticeable to me, but he never bugged me. He was around just enough.

Still mad that hanks wife didnt die. Loved when walt called skyler a bitch over the phone. I liked Todd, but Jesse taking revenge on him was perfect while Walt stood above.
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