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Default Re: Besides your favorite team, what teams will you watch the most this season?

1. Detroit - I'm intrigued by this team. Tons of talent with a potentially future dominant young big man, but will he be able to keep up production in a larger role or will flaws become more visible? How will Smith mesh on this team? Will Jennings take advantage of his offensively gifted frontcourt or be too focused on scoring? Lots of questions that I'm interested in seeing answered.

2. Washington - As a Cavs fan, we have a history with the Wizards. From a dislike standpoint, they were probably our biggest rivals during our last multi-year run in the playoffs. Now, this is shaping up to be another rivalry of the future with both teams chalk full of young talent. I'll watch them in anticipation of future playoff matchups over the next decade.

3. Brooklyn - How can this not be interesting to NBA fans? They've basically constructed the most unbeatable team ever... if it were 2007. However, they've had talent in the past and can't get over that early playoff exit hump. Will their many additions this offseason take them to that next level? Can all of these strong personalities co-exist?

4. LA Clippers - For no other reason than a real interest in seeing how much of an impact Doc Rivers has on that team. Unlike the NFL where strategy rules, basketball tends to be more about your top end talent and how much of it you have. That said, I've always had tremendous respect for Rivers as a coach and have felt his presence make a real difference, especially in the playoffs. I'll be interested in following the growth of the Clippers under Rivers.

5. Portland - Had a very good starting five and the worst bench in the league last season. This offseason, they've upgraded from bar none the worst bench to maybe one of the best depending upon how their young guys pan out.
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