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Default Re: Battier on why Advanced Stats are (kind of) BS

advanced scouting is good, tho. I think a lot of people need to understand what a player does in each situation and understand most people pre-determine the move they are going to do as well as go to a certain move in a certain pressure scenario. Stats about which way someone drives, where they shoot from are all great.

It's just when people start busting out stats on inside hoops to compare players and act like one is better because of stats. It's just a bad argument.

Stats CAN measure a team or player's game plan, but it can't measure (game by game or even series by series) the outcome.

Like I say every time we argue stats, nearly every series has some guy coming up who either does something nobody expected or plays like absolute shit. For some reason stat nerds ignore that or just act surprised like "Wow" not really understanding that it skewed everything that happened on both sides, even statistically.

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