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Default Re: BTE: Biggest Thread Ever!!! LVI

Originally Posted by Rose
Ah yeah! I remember that now, his claws were made out of digiadamantium(not the correct word but **** it), and that was supposed to be the key to beating all the masters, but on his own that was the only DM he killed.

Agreed that puppetmon put up no fight really, but he did **** them up arguably worse than metalseadramon/machinedramon did combined.

Yeah I liked the idea though of the Gate of Destiny being what killed him. Since Angemon was more powerful than the other 6 champion level guys (yeah I know he stole their energy to do to kill devimon but he was still more powerful)combined it made since that his ultimate form would be balling too.

I hated apocalymon. I REALLY hated it since he took their crests and destroyed them, they couldn't digivolve to ultimate/mega but then they could without them!!! and then they got them back in the movie, but oh wait! they had to sacrifice them so now they can only digivolve into champion.

Continuity? **** IT.

You remember that, but not how the fight ended? That is BS though.

True. Puppetmon fcked them up psychologically. Too bad the number of episodes for each DM were inconsistent as hell (except Metalseadramon because I don't really care).

Really? I kind of wanted Piedmon to blow up. He's a clown, so I thought it would have been funnier that way. But MagnaAngemon was cool though. Dat appearance You're right though because if MagnaAngemon evolved, but still couldn't do shit, his evolution would serve no purpose and he would be the 1st Ultimate to fail in an episode during 1st appearance. Well..okay, I lied. 2nd because Lilymon's first time might have been against Myotismon. Can't remember.

Yeah that was pretty terrible stuff. The only good thing I liked about the Movie was Omnimon. I thought it could not get more awesome than the tandem of Wargreymon and MetalGarurumon.
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