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Originally Posted by Jerm
Why do you need to get high?...Is it a neccessity in life?...No. The Government does whatever they want to do with it and you can't complain.

It's funny seeing people complain over things that don't matter.

If it doesn't matter...

What else doesn't matter..?
Why don't we just get rid of Alocohol again? I mean, we don't need that crap, right? Government is always right, right?

Since we are on the subject of things we don't need, do we honestly need:

Message Boards?

Why don't we just go ahead and ban those as well, I mean, if the government decides that, it must be for the good of the American people, not to mention MArijuana actually is Needed for people with certain types of cancer.

Jerm, your post is full of ignorance.
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