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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

Originally Posted by franchize
Gotta agree with that, although I like the kid Jason Smith form the Pelicans. Hawes has improved a lot but he still is a doofus to me lol
I dont even have an issue with the players themselves. But all that on one team does not equal championship or dynasty. I will even say that team could be a top 3 seed in the East Regular Season dominant. But it would be a one and done team in the playoffs or at best 2nd round exit.

As far as JR. He's the 2nd best player on the team behind Melo. Just a statement of fact. So if he's the 2nd best player how he and Melo goes generally how the team will go. The other players will have their moments to shine and help the team win but those are the go to players. We dont have to like it but until someone else shows different that's how it will be. With that said I do believe Bargs can probably step into that role if he stays healthy and plays like he did about 3 years ago. Woody has no choice but to rely on this guy because the GM didnt change the dynamic where someone else is clearly Melo's sidekick.

Stat was suppose to be that guy but well you see what has happened. Now Let's see who comes in this camp and proves to be better or more dependable or consistent once the ball is tipped up.

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