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Default Re: Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Championship Flight

I think the Broncos are better. They've won what, like 15 straight regular season games by 7 or more. Second longest streak since like the 40's I seen somewhere. There not just winning games, there crushing teams. Without Moore making a ridiculous defensive play that let that TD happen, who knows what happens.

Pretty sure 16 TD's thrown in the first 4 games is the most for any QB. Offensively Denver has too many weapons. Defense is fast and athletic and have been without a guy who was the consensus second best defensive player in the league last year. Not to mention Champ. Once they come back are already solid looking defense is going to look even better.

Seattle has faced tougher comp but they haven't played as good. I have Newton on my fantasy team so watched his game against them and that was an ugly game that coulda went either way. Just because Denver is playing inferior competition but running them out of the stadium doesn't make them worse.

Denver's offense
Seattle's defense
Denver's defense
Seattle's offense
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