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Default Re: 2013 Fall camp/Pre-Season!

Friday marked the final day of two-a-day workouts for the Jazz, who've had seven practices since camp began Tuesday.

No new injuries reported!

Corbin still isnt given many hints on the starting lineup: "Its more than just the best five guys to start the game. Its thinking about combinations. But will rookie point guard Trey Burke be the starter? Well see. Corbin said. Hes working his butt off to be a starter, though. I must say that.


Agree with Ty. I know everyone thinks he sucks and want his head and that the core 4 and Burke should start no matter what but coming off the bench could be the best thing for some of these guys and the team. G's the only one I see as a sure thing because of his experience as a starter(though he has played some of his best ball off the bench and is a great example of why that's not necessarily a bad thing), being their number one play maker and having no one else really qualified to start ahead of him at the 3. I can see arguments for any of the others to come of the bench but being in tank mode it will probably be what everybody want despite talk to the contrary.
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