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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

@GOBB - I only like that car because of the engine sound. All of the common cars have the same engine sound & it was getting annoying & boring. lol

The most hilarious & ridiculous thing happened yesterday. Me & 3 other random people went to do a Simeon mission. Steal 2 cars from two people driving around town (sports car). I was trying to go solo & do my own thing, but the other dude decided to roll with me. So, I did all the work & trapped the guy & returned the car to Simeon. But the other two fools decided bump the driver & that scared him off ... & of course, they got that stupid slow ass cars & the car they were trying to capture was a sports car ... so they chased him all the way to Blaine County . While they were heading towards Blaine County (east side freeway), I was about a mile away from them (also in the free way), & it looked like the driver wanted to go around the map, go through Blaine County & come back to Los Santos... So I decided to go through Sandy Shores to cut him off ... Which was a pretty bad idea It was such a bumpy ride & it had these gnarly roads, & that slowed me down ... BIG TIME. But if I kept going using the freeway, I would've been there by now & got him.

So, the driver stopped & toyed around with them in Blaine County & drove off to the east side free way again . AND THEY STILL DIDN'T CAPTURE THE CAR. & My stupid ass was still in the forest trying to get to North Chumash free way (West side). By then, I think they were probably chasing off him around Mount Chianski Mountain Range (Check your map) & the driver turned around & decided to drive to Blaine County again ... which was a bad idea. So I was finally there, grazed the car, but I missed him. There were a lot of cars... sheesh... & those f*ckers had mics & complained about how small the car was & how could I have missed him?

So I turned around & went Fast & the Furious on their asses...... So there, I tailed the car & got him. ... I didn't even get a 'thank you'.

Note that while I was on my way to go through Sandy Shores to "cut the driver off", I picked up a sports car. It was a car where it showed an engine or whatever that was on the back. lmao

I think that mission took us about 45 minutes to complete. lol

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