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Default Re: 2013 Fall camp/Pre-Season!

Rookie point guard Trey Burke insists heís "enjoying" his first NBA training camp, although he admits two-a-day practices are a challenge.

"Ö It is tough on our bodies," he said. "I just have to make sure Iím getting the proper amount of rest."

Although Corbin is not close to naming his starters, itís clear the Jazz have high hopes for Burke.

"There is a lot being thrown at me at me," he said. "But Iím learning at a high rate. Ö I think Iím doing a good job of getting everybody involved and making shots when the shots are there. Iím doing a good job learning my teammates. The chemistry is coming along."

Burke struggled with his shooting during the Orlando Summer League, although it apparently hasnít been an issue behind closed doors during camp.

"It was just a mental thing," he said, referring to his shooting issues last summer. "I missed a couple of shots and the confidence started to go down.

"But coming back out here with the new teammates, I think Iím doing a good job getting into a rhythm Ö and when the shot is there, knocking it down."
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