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Exclamation My suns offseason plan

Now that the draft is over and free agency is well underway, I think i have an idea on what the suns need to become a complete championship team. They have 7 or maybe 8 players who will play everynight under contract if you count james jones. They have a trade exception, a midlevel exception and a couple million dollars that they saved by trading draft picks to try to sign tim thomas back, so i would sign guys to shorter contracts so the suns are not capped out in the future but i would not just sign "scrubs". First, they need a back up point guard to play every night and i would use the trade exception to get that because there is nobody on the market who could fill that void and play the suns style. I only like Steve Blake or Brevin Knight because they are fast and are good distributors. They are both under contract for another year and are not too expensive for their value. This would allow nash to rest more in ther regular season and not have to play 40 min a night in the playoffs. Then, they need a backup forward/center who brings energy and a little scoring. I would look at Darius Songaila for some of the mid level (maybe 3 million). He would be a good big man to spread the floor and spell kt and amare. (and still good enough to play 12-15 min in the playoffs). If not, you could look at Jackie Butler because he's big, defends the post and is a good rebounder. Hopefully you can get one of these guys using some of your midlevel. I also think it would be good to get another veteran scorer off the bench for a low contract like eddie house or more perferabally tony delk. People might say delk is too old to play in the suns system but i dont think so. He was Detroits scoring threat off the bench, like house was to us this year. He also did a decent job defensively in the playoffs and played with more energy than anyone on detroit in the final games of the heat series if you watched closely. Just thought it would be nice to get another guy who could score and not be a scrub like many suns bench players the last few years. Lastly, they can sign Lampe or Sato depending on what they need positon wise to develop for the future. With these signigs, they would only have to spend a couple million dollars if they use the trade exception and only have one multi year contract from it, which would be for the backup bigman (Songaila or Butler). With that they could sign diaw and barbosa back this offseason so they dont lose them and have those draft picks next year. That could be a dynasty team in the future but we have to do whats necessary to win it all this year.
THe 06-07 roster would be;
marion,bell,nash,diaw,stoudemire--- thomas,barbosa,songaila/butler, blake/knight, delk/house, jones, lampe, piatkowski and burke

what do you think?
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