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Default Re: Sergei Belov Considered Greatest Ever International Player By Many Experts - Died

I had absolutely no clue who Sergei Belov was until about five years ago. It was my last trip to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield. A friend was home from California, and he brought a buddy with him, who was a real basketball guy. He had never been east anywhere, so we took him to a few places. Both Fenway and Yankee stadium, as we live in between the two. Took him out for pizza and a few other local delicacies.

But as the week wore on and we couldn't think of much else, I suggested the basketball hall of fame. He was pretty pumped. At the time when you bought your ticket it would be randomly hit with an image of a HOFer. I always hope for Larry Bird, but never get him. The kid actually got Larry, which pissed me off, and then I got my ticket ... Sergei Belov!?!?!? None of us had any idea who he was (and I'm a pretty hardcore basketball guy), and thought it was pretty damn funny that I'd been probably two dozen times and never got the guy I wanted, and now I get this guy none of us had ever heard of.

So we hunted him down in the museum. Read what little they had about him. I found him pretty fascinating, and wound up doing a bunch of internet sluething about him after that.

I guess the point of the story is the Basketball HoF is doing their thing, in that they got me to look into this guy.
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