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Default Re: What trade(s) would make us a title condender.

Originally Posted by Zan Tabak
"snip".....AND, the fact that he's from the gta and WANTS to play for the Raptors, makes it such a rare opportunity for this organization.

This is a really interesting question. I dont know how to answer this.

For 20 years it "seemed" like the Toronto Blue Jays went out of their way to avoid bringing in the "Canadian home-boi" to the team despite the constant rumours and potential wishes of the fans. Larry Walker ? nope. Shawn Hill in the early days ? nope. Erik Bedard ? Nope. Paul Quantill ? Nope.

Did it serve them well ? I dunno - mixed bag at best I guess.

The Maple Leafs have always said they "want those hoemgrown southern Ontario Superstars ala Gretzky.. but could never get the timing just right.

Would Wiggens really work here in the Toronto Market or would it be way too much pressure to be "the man" from rookie day one onwards.... ???
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