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Default Re: Official Pro Wrestling Thread

Originally Posted by EricGordon23
Yeah Daniel bryan was about to tap out orton when Big show came running down pulled out the ref and Then Punched out Daniel bryan. Then the ref that screwed bryan last PPV came out and while orton was pinning Bryan show pulled that ref out and knocked out orton so The PPV ended with show standing over both of them tearing up.

On my phone so grammars not perfect my bad

Thx. Well at least Danielson is main eventing WWE PPVs. Who would've thought that a few years ago?

But it kinda looks like they're going for the Attitude Era like overbooked endings again. Don't know if that's the right direction. And who the f*ck watches 3 hours of Raw? I'm nostalgic right now, remembering how I watched VCR recordings of WWF the next day before school in the morning. lol.

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