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Default Re: Breaking Bad: Season 5 (Final) Discussion Thread

Sorry, but there are people that move on with their life even after witnessing something as horrific as a child being murdered in front of them as a result of their actions. If they have a ton of money and power, still have some kind of family, etc. then they don't care as much. Once they lose all that, they realize how horrible some of the things were that led up to that point.

moving on is one thing, moving on without realising that you were/are responsible is another thing altogether.

Originally Posted by guy
Well not everyone's built like that. Like I asked, you've never heard of someone having to lose everything before they realized everything they had done wrong and just how much of a ****ed up person they are?

ive never heard of someone capable of overlooking their own heinous crimes in the past, then coming to this conclusion later.

im not saying the ending made no sense, and everybody should feel the same way i do, just that i found it hard to believe.

anyways, its clear that we arent going to agree on this, and im not gonna get hung up on the one small thing that i didnt like
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