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Default Re: Who should be starting Pistons SG?

Originally Posted by ZMonkey11

Cause if you go talent, how does Stuckey start with Jennings? Add to that Smith Monroe and Drummond clogging the middle and you got a big traffic jam in Motown.

Because if you do go talent those are the two best for the positions right now. I think KCP has a chance to start but not at the beginning of the season. He's going to really have to work hard for it though. I think unless there's a significant injury there's no way Chauncey starts. Even Chauncey has said as much in interviews. He has came out and said that when he signed it was before the Jennings trade, which changes the situation. Jennings for sure will start at PG. I think Stuckey has SG almost locked up unless he really messes up in the preseason.
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