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Default Re: Should the Bulls go after Beasley?

Originally Posted by Go Getter
He hasn't shown that he can score when he has had the opportunity to be the top scorer so logically, in a structured environment, he will struggle with less touches and less shots.

We have better 3's and better4's than him he is not needed....we need a 2 or a backup center.

If that is logic, then I don't think you and I can have a conversation, lol.

I will try, though, to show why I disagree with that as "logic".

The go-to player (let's say Lebron) faces constant pressure from the defense. This is typically done by putting the other team's best defender on the individual, while also having the rest of the defensive team focusing on said offensive player, so that they may help if and when it is needed. Similarly, the go-to offensive player faces constant pressure from the rest of the offensive team, in that he must score. He must create good looks. He must, he must, he must. That's a lot of pressure.

Now let's contrast that with a non-go-to player (Battier? Chalmers? Bosh?) on the same team. They are typically taking shots without a defensive player draped all over them. These players are able to catch the ball, usually in their comfort zones, and just shoot it, or make a simple "move" and then shoot. And even if there is a player defending them rather well, it's typically a one-on-one scenario, as the rest of the defensive team is not as focused on help defense with this group. Lastly, this group does not (or rather, should not) feel any additional pressure from his team, as that falls, as mentioned, on the primary scorer. This secondary option may shoot and score if open/needed, but doesn't need to feel the pressure to create something. That allows him to pass the ball when things look inefficient and/or bleak.

To bring this back to the Bulls... Rose demands the defensive attention, and the offensive pressure. Beasley would have been one of those players, like Bosh, that is able to pick and choose his places. Hopefully his choice would be one of the highest probability shots, thus giving himself the best opportunity to succeed.
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