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Default Re: How big an extension does Greg Monroe deserve?

I have read that the Pistons cap situation this offseason will allow them to offer him a max extension. This is a big part of the reason why they aren't going to do anything by Oct. 31st. They now can see how everyone works together. If it isn't working they can try to make a trade by the deadline. I would say it's 60/40 he'll remain a Piston right now. I could really see a team like the Lakers letting Pau Gasol go and going after him. They have a ton of cap space, will need good young players, and won't have a lot of options for signings. I don't think Detroit will just let him walk though. If he doesn't get traded at the deadline they will hold onto him and just match whatever offer he gets. Then I would think they would explore trades. Of course if it works the way we want it to, I think they'll just hold onto everyone for a few years.
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