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Default Re: PFF's Top 5 and Bottom 5 by Position (Through Week 5)

So, wait... John Hughes is no longer the 4th best 3-4 DE in the league? I'm confused... Then again, I was confused why he was there in the first place when he's a situational player who is barely on the field from week-to-week, but I sure as hell can't figure out what he did to drop off the list.

And, there's no doubt in my mind Phil Taylor has been one of the very best 3-4 NTs in the league this year.

Some things just don't pass the smell test and most of these rankings don't. I mean, most people don't follow every player on every team, but the glamor positions are even head-scratching.

I love Jordan Cameron, but he's not better than Jimmy Graham... And where's Julius Thomas?

Larry Fitzgerald has been quite mediocre this year, but he's ranked ahead of guys like Julio Jones, Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall, etc? And, they're trying to tell me that Mike Wallace is a worse receiver than Greg freaking Little?

Drew Brees is not a Top 5 quarterback?

Peterson is not a Top 5 running back? Jacquizz Rodgers at No. 3? He's averaing 3.4 yards per carry and has 2 TDs in five games (three starts). He's also been OK in the passing game.

So, either he's the best blocking back of all-time, or...

Their rating systems make no sense to me, either. I've asked for an explanation several times and have yet to see one. They assign scores (like +2.07 or -1.13) after each game to every player in the league. How are these scores compiled? Is it based on something tangible or just arbitrary based on what they see?

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