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Default Re: PFF's Top 5 and Bottom 5 by Position (Through Week 5)

Originally Posted by Carbine
It's based on what happened, not who the "best" player is. We all know Peterson is the best RB in the league - that doesn't mean he has played like it through the first 5 games.

Rankings will fluctuate throughout the year based on how players perform in their opinion.
I know you value these guys' opinion and I do find the premise interesting. But, after reading the grading system, there is too much left open to interpretation for me. Maybe I'd like it better if they didn't include the whole point system stuff when they release the weekly ratings, because it makes it seem like they're approaching these evaluations on a very rigid quantitative technique, but it is actually qualitative.

What is their reasoning for having Jacquizz so high?
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