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Default Re: Should the Bulls go after Beasley?

Originally Posted by kshutts1
Agree to disagree, I guess.

But I believe that a troubled player needs nothing less than a structured environment. And for someone that struggles with poor shot selection, a more structured environment could (again) help in that regard.

I would rather take a flier on someone with all the talent in the world, that is still young, and still has loads of potential.... than to sign a Kirk Hinrich (I know we didn't sign him this year, but it's a good example). A player that is-what-he-is, and while a useful player, you already know exactly what you get from him, and you know that it won't put you over the top.

I'm just not sold on Beas fitting into our team concept. I think one of our strengths, well our biggest strength is team defense. If one cog doesn't work it throws the whole system out of wack.

Add that to the fact that Beas doesn't rebound well for his position and his game just turns me off. I'd rather go after a guy like OJ Mayo (who I think we should have reached for) or one of the young 2-guards in the league.

I am of the thinking that we need a backcourt scorer that can handle the pill and shoot threes more than anything else [to take the pressure off of Rose].

I see your point(s) as well though--nice debating with you sir...
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