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Default Re: I'm fukkin done with the Cavaliers!!

A couple of interesting things have surfaced since draft night:

Bennett did gain weight because he was injured all offseason, but according to beat writers and Coach Brown, he is working extra hard to get himself in condition.

Bennett has an absolutely gigantic frame. He is wider than Andrew Bynum and has a longer wingspan than Big Z. No way is he undersized at the 4. I think his career weight will be 250+ lbs.

Despite being a fat boy, Bennett has a confirmed 39'' vertical.

Kyrie Irving said he knew that Bennett was going to be drafted a week before the draft.

He definitely will come off the bench, IMO if not all year the majority of the year. Coach Brown won't give him minutes if he doesn't learn how to consistently box out and get back on transition. This is a good thing IMO.

I am very high on Bennett. I think he is a future stud in the making. He won't get minutes for ROY this year, but in a few years i would not be surprised if he isn't a top 5 PF in the league.
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