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Default Re: The Knicks preseason games thread

Originally Posted by franchize
If he were to somehow make the team, he might be the single worst player in the NBA This dude is absolute trash. I didn't even watch the whole game but he absolutely stunk it up. I thought Hardaway looked good. His jumpshot wasn't even touching the rim when it was going in. Shump looked good although his handle still looks suspect. I can't imagine how it can be justified that Prigioni is a better option than either of them AND JR Smith. I just don't get it. The pre-season and regular season aren't the post season. There's not one starting 2 guard in the league, on a playoff team, that isn't better than Prigioni. Any coach that can't see that needs to go.
ironically when Pablo starts the team wins, it isnt like he's James White out there.

Winning is all that matters....he helps get that done.

But he wouldnt be my starter either, if anything he's holding the spot down for JR.

i dont believe this competition nonsense.

JR made a pact with Woody..." If JR wins 6th man, you can start next year".

we'll see if true.
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