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Default Re: Kidd suspended 2 games for DUI conviction

Originally Posted by gigantes
fair enough, although a good performance is just the tip of the iceberg from the coaching POV. they're the ones wearing the scuba suits... we're the ones sitting in the kiddie seats at sea world.

i'm not a big fan of the preseason games. the NBA season goes on for centuries as is, and i'm trying to catch up with a lot of shows i've neglected recently. not to mention, MMA, tennis and table tennis all come before basketball for me.
Yeah preseason isn't a big thing for me either, I usually just catch the first one to see how the new additions are. This year is different though because we had to wait 4 months to see KG and Pierce play in a Nets uniform. I was legit counting the days lol.

Originally Posted by niko
Unrelated to topic but more in line with your conversation, I'd like to see Kidd a bit more active and the Nets present it more like Kidd is in charge. Perception is reality and I don't see the point of Frank being presented like he's in charge, we've seen him in charge before, it doesn't work. The point is that Kidd would be able (with a little experience) to do it better. Let him do it. Helping is not being a figurehead and so far Kidd looks like a figurehead. That needs to change.

Kidd doesn't seem to be a vocal coach. I know it was a preseason game but he sat on the bench most of the game and rarely stood up. He said himself that he will be a sitter. I don't know if thats a good thing or bad but I bet it'll be a while before we see him get his first Technical has a head coach.

Also I agree with you on the Frank thing, I think Kidd will eventually take full reign of being a head coach. He is a rookie coach after all and is still learning the ropes.
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