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Default Re: 2013 Fall camp/Pre-Season!

Lindsey will use the D-League unlike O'Conner I'd guess. The young guys will be down there if they aren't in the rotation and they are healthy enough.

But if you run tests you can challenges your opinions through observation. This Jazz team is focused on improving, and identifying.

Wins will come and go, but it's the outlook of looking beyond this season that is long overdue

5. What is the biggest obstacle?

The last few seasons it appeared that the team did not have a unified direction. We are being told the head coach was pressured into a win-now situation (perhaps with the hope that he would fail and become a fall guy),

Why would they hire him to fail?
but we saw the head coach specifically doing things that didn't help him win games (promote players who did not play defense, consistently making the team play from behind for

he majority of the games). Furthermore, we are led to believe that the team was interested in developing young talent -- which is hard to believe then one-and-done mercenary veterans would join the team, start, get minutes, then leave the franchise. These minutes also left the franchise, instead of being invested in developing these young prospects. You would be hard pressed to find a team out there in 'win now mode' that did so many non-winning things; and hard pressed to find a team interested in developing youth that went out of their way to keep lottery picks on the bench, watching games instead of playing in them.

They were playing. They were in the rotation of a playoff contender. Lottery picks on crappy teams play a lot of minutes as we'll see this year Utah.

The casual observer is able to understand that "win now" and "prospect development" are opposite goals. Additionally, the astute observer is able to view the Jazz critically and see that they did not succeed in winning now, nor did they help themselves with prospect development. They tried to do two different things, and failed at both. And they did that three seasons in a row. ("Fool me once, shame on you . . . . fool me twice . . . uh . . . ")

Everyone but Favors has showed dramatic improvement and the Jazz were winning as much as you could hope for a team that didn't have any stars.

Many Jazz fans are putting their eggs in the Dennis Lindsey basket right now. We hope that the indecisiveness and inactivity the last few years were a product of tortoise-like Kevin O'Connor. The largest obstacle to this season would be a "fourth time is the charm" idea of trying to win now and develop talent. We hope for a unified sense or purpose and unified direction for the team this year.

It can all be derailed easily if one party puts their individuals goals ahead of the needs of the franchise. Tyrone Corbin's contract runs out at the end of the year, and he may feel like winning now will help his resume more than following directions to play rookies more now. A few veterans on the squad (by few I mean: Jefferson, Williams, Lucas III, Biedrins, Rush) are in contract years as well -- and for the most part, at least two of those guys think they are starter quality in the NBA still. Previously, Corbin would side with the veterans and play them the minutes. They may not stay with the franchise, but they would help him get wins now. They helped each other. This season is about Corbin falling into a long term relationship with the youth. If that marriage doesn't last, then this team could end up repeating the mistakes of previous seasons.

And Jazz fans will have a bad time.

Possible Record:

I'm totally going out on a limb here and re-stating that the Jazz will win 30 +/- 5 games this year. My confidence in the youth is high. But you can have good players who play well, and still lose the game. After all, we saw the opposite last year. In science the opposite should also be just as likely. And I think we see that this year. We may lose a lot of close games. Hayward and Kanter and Favors could just be filling it -- but end up having to rely on a Richard Jefferson game winner (or loser) because he's left open.
Closing games will be one of the toughest things for them I'd imagine. Probably lose a lot of games down the stretch.

I've tried to look at the teams THIS team could be like, from the Sidney Lowe Vancouver Grizzlies, to the Glen Robinson Milwaukee Bucks. We hope we can be like those '04 Utah Jazz that almost made the playoffs. I just don't know. I do know that this team is going to be fun to watch, and will give me a lot of hope for the future.



It's going to be a fun season, a season we can cheer for. A season of a unified direction, exciting young players, and a coach willing to try new things. If we win, we'll be there cheering. If we lose, we'll be there at the games cheering too, and I'll be at the draft. Ideally, it's win-win. Practically, it's win later. No matter what you call it, I call it Utah Jazz basketball. And after a summer of watching baseball, I'm ready for another year of hoops.

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