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Default Re: Kidd suspended 2 games for DUI conviction

Originally Posted by gigantes
i have to disagree strongly about frank being a less than desirable coach. he's a very good NBA coach and the nets are extremely lucky to have him back.

IMO going by his wins and losses is silly, since he's had so little to work with for so long. no... any time he's had a well-rounded team he's produced good seasons, and even with below-average talent he'll almost always overachieve. no... there is a reason why he was made one of the youngest coaches in history and a reason why he keeps getting hired in top positions, and it ain't because he's a bad coach.

as for kidd, i agree with you MT... i think that stuff will work itself out. he knows the game and knows how to handle people, and is not someone who's going to slack off. some guys are low-key coaches during games, and that's just the way it is. we already know he can make the walls shake when he's not happy with a team.

it's also a special situation. as in, there's already so much leadership spread all over the team that kidd doesn't have to be the kind of coach that he would if it was a young team. he knows this. they know it.

i think the real key to this season is the duo of deron and brook. actually, sounds like brook took a big leap forward across the board this summer, but i'm not sure how all that extra muscle is going to wear on his body and his quickness. and d-will... his occasional moodiness and lack of leadership needs to vanish this season. i sincerely hope he is humble and smart enough to hitch his wagon to the big ticket train, because getting sullen and pouting about stuff is probably going to backfire heavily on him this time around.
We do need to remember a lot of the moodiness last year came from the confirmation that his son had issues that I think Deron had trouble understanding? It seems like he's got a much better handle, better pattern going. My son has mild speech issues and it's stressful, I can't imagine what it must be like when it's much worse, and if you've ever seen Deron, that son is ALWAYS with him because he responds much better with Daddy around.
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