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Default Re: Pokemon X and Y Official Thread!

Originally Posted by clipse026
EXP share is amazing. I can just level up these starter scrubs that I won't use until they're evolved and not even have to switch them in. I've got a 24 Combusken, 22 Frogadier and a bunch of 15-16 Pikachu, Ivysaur, Skitty, Fletchling and a bunch others. Really enjoying it so far but I'm pissed at myself for killing a wild Kadabra . Allakazam is probably my favorite pokemon ever and I haven't seen an Abra or Kadabra since.
I did a similar thing. Had a pokemon out with mean look, forgot to ****ing use it and just threw a great ball, didn't even come close to catching the Abra.
Originally Posted by clipse026
One thing I wish this game had was like in Yellow where you had Pikachu rolling around with you everywhere. I want to walk around with my favorite pokemon. That should be a thing again.
You can ride certain ones. And I don't mean just in surf.
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