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Default 2013-14 Premier League Registration and Application Thread


We all get a little busy, but NBA time is right around the corner. It is time to kick it into gear so we can draft in 1-2 weeks. A few great members have taken a break, a few were jettisoned out of town. We have quite a few spots that need filled, but we won't just take anyone.

2012-13 Final Standings:

1. Pistol Pete
2. DZW
3. Sky
4. PLR
5. Rameek
7. Iamgine
8. B4L
9. Bird
10. OJ Mayo
11. Vapid
12. Sizz
13. Truth
14. DurantMVP?

__________________________________________________ _______________

Confirmed 2013-14 Premier League Members

1. PLR
2. Meek
3. Stat
4. Iamgine
5. B4L
6. Bird
7. Sizz
8. Pistol Pete
9. Oj Mayo
10. Sky

Questionable 2013-14 Premier League Members:

11. Vapid

Previous League Members out:

1. DZW (Retired)
2. Truth (Automatically sent to minors)
3. DurantMVP (Automatically sent to minors)

__________________________________________________ _______________

So it looks like we will have anywhere between 3-8 spots open. I'm going to guess it will be between 4-5.

One of the spots automatically goes to the winner of the 2012-13 Minor Leagues.

The other spots will be voted on by current members. I want to get this done quick, so please fill out the following application if you want in.

League rules:

- H2H format
- Standard 9 catagories
- Daily lineup changes
- 14 teams (6 make playoffs)
- 3 moves a week (not counting trades)
-- You are able to trade moves before the trade deadline.
--- You are not able to give away moves or send 2 or more future moves for 1 current move
-Moves reset manually by commish or asst commish on Sunday at 12:00 am PST
- Previous champion gets to choose his draft pick
- The rest of the draft order will be manually randomized a few days before the draft

__________________________________________________ _______________


How often would you be able to chat about trades/basketball? (hrs/week)

Do you enjoy trading or would you rather stick with the team you drafted?

Are you opposed to vetos?

Do you have a problem with any of the rules listed above?

Have you previously been a member of the Premier League?

If no, please provide a link to your fantasy history.

Why should we let you join the most competitive, active and enjoyable fantasy basketball league?

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