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Default Re: Taj gibson preseason

Originally Posted by eeeeeebro
He is showing
1. confidence
2. Not sure but looks about as big as boozer + taller
3. Inside game is showing skill
4. the shots are going in

This is no suprise to all of us i am not over reacting i am thinking break out season for this fella Noah and boozer are gonna have to play harder for their minutes. Anyways i just wanted to throw this out there We improved in our backcourt and im excited!

Good pickup Eeeebro

I noticed the same thing, the big difference I noticed was his confidence. When he's hitting his outside jumper and doing all the small things right, you know that Taj is on his game. Unfortunately we just haven't seen it consistently yet in his career.

If Taj is playing well, it will take huge pressure of Noah and Boozer to be good all the time.

I think this year is our year fellas, I really do
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