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Default Re: Kidd suspended 2 games for DUI conviction

Originally Posted by niko
We do need to remember a lot of the moodiness last year came from the confirmation that his son had issues that I think Deron had trouble understanding? It seems like he's got a much better handle, better pattern going. My son has mild speech issues and it's stressful, I can't imagine what it must be like when it's much worse, and if you've ever seen Deron, that son is ALWAYS with him because he responds much better with Daddy around.
that's true. i remember last season deron reportedly had many sleepless nights because of his son's issues. he easily could have hired a nanny or somesuch but chose to handle it himself... so that's a pretty good sign right there. also, having to rehabilitate his injuries at the same time, underperforming and having to grind through all that misery.

so are you more excited for the knicks or the nets, this year? i don't mean that sarcastically or anything... i always have a 2nd team that my heart pulls for... almost always the one that kidd is with... so now it's a bit tougher this year. :P but, always happy to see the spurs do well.
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