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Default Re: NBA Live 08 Cover released

Originally Posted by Richie2k6

Live 2003 was great though, simply for an arcade game. 360 windmills over Shaq, etc. Fun if you want to let out your anger. Pissed off? Put NBA Live 2003 in your PS2/Gamecube/Xbox, turn it on, select the Toronto Raptors, posterize everyone whenever the hell you want with Vince Carter. Really does calm you down. :)

Nice. I actually owned 2003 for a while and you're right it was fun, especially if you were playing against a friend. I loved Live 97 on the PS1. You could bust dudes ankles with the crossover that you'd activate with triangle and your guy would shuffle to one side, but if you didn't press triangle again he would go right out of bounds! That was a fun game.
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