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Default Re: Tyus Jones and Jahlil Okafor


you are right. Okafor is raw, and Jones is gonna be amazing from the get go. KU is known for developing big men, and Duke is known as a great school for PG's - so I think if Okafor and his camp are the leading force in the decision, they end up at KU. If it's Jones and his camp, Duke.

Originally Posted by Shade8780
Damn, was hoping they'd come to Ohio State. At least we still have a chance at Myles Turner. Anyway, they'll probably end up at Kentucky or surprise us and pick Baylor. Not feeling Duke.

UK is not in the race. Duke is where most think they'll end up, with KU as a strong contender and Baylor as a unlikely dark horse. But I could see Baylor being a bigger contender than people thought, especially 'cause KU and Duke both have senior PG's who obviously won't start over Jones, but will get a significant amount of playing time.
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