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Default Re: Bargnani's game and Melo's

Originally Posted by knickscity
Only Dwight will be able to catch the bricks made.

I'm being nice but Bargnani has looked like dog shit..."slow out the booty" dog shit.

9-26 from the defense, no rebounding.

When a guy who barely played last year and still wear rookie stripes can square you up and suck.

Lucky for Bargnani its only preseason.

That was quite a graphic yet hilarious description

I admittedly haven't caught all of the preseason action. I don't have MSG. Bargs looked ok in the game that aired on NBA TV (vs Boston). I really don't pay much attention to preseason anymore. It can be more misleading than sparring in boxing. Some guys go in there to make a big impression and some guys go in there to work on specific things.
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