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Default Which new smartphone do I buy?

I'm moving from T-Mobile to Verizon next week, and with a 2-year activation (standard) I have a ton of options for my next phone.

For the last 3+ years I've been using Android on a Samsung Vibrant, which for the most part has been good.... other than the shoddy service that T-Mobile provides in my area.

Everyone that I know who owns an iPhone says why not switch to an iPhone... especially since the price-point is the same as any high-end Android phone ($200).

With that being said, I have been very satisfied with Samsung products in the past (LED TV, LCD TV, Blu-Ray Player, Smartphone) so I'm not completely sold on abandoning that for what seems to be simply popular opinion.

I like how iPhones seem to be at the forefront of the app market, as there have been many instances of certain apps in which I have had interest being unavailable on the Android.

As of yet I haven't used my mobile device for hardly any gaming, so its not a huge selling point either way.... but I'd like the camera to be solid. Other than that I really only use it for calls/texts, mobile internet, mobile e-mail, and a number of non-essential apps.

Lets hear it ISH. Please refrain from fanboy/anti-fanboy nonsense.... I'm really just looking for some real info on a future purchase.

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