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Default Re: Which new smartphone do I buy?

Originally Posted by Meticode
personally to save money I would get a Samsung Galaxy S3, root the son-of-a-bitch and run Cynoganmod on it. It'll run super-smooth without bugs. Otherwise if you're looking for a great Flagship phone i would suggest either the S4, HTC One, Motorola X or the Galaxy Note 3 coming out soon.

The Note 3 will have 2 quad core processors in it.

Great review on Note 3:

Also S3 rooted aka SuperNexus:

That sounds fun and all, but honestly I don't use my phone for nearly enough to go through with "rooting" or have to worry about bugs, or really even too much detail about the processing power.

For the most part its a calls/text/email/internet/fun machine
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