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Default Re: Which new smartphone do I buy?

Originally Posted by BankShot
On my current phone I have a number of non-essential apps, and maybe 20 albums and I've never had any storage issues. I don't really use my phone for music storage so the amount of music I can store isn't really an issue... and I know for the most part the practical storage capability of, say, a 16 GB iPhone 5s

So with that being said the storage capacity of the phone really isn't a huge issue, as I can only assume that at this point any high-end smart phone will have a decent amount of storage space

Yeah, pretty much any high-end phone out there will have at least a 16 GB model, which sounds like it's enough for your needs.

I doubt you want to look at Windows phones, so these are the high-end phones on the market right now with a high-end camera:
1) Galaxy S4
2) HTC One
3) iPhone 5s

I used to have a Galaxy S2, but going by the hardware aesthetics and the software UI, I'd recommend either the HTC One or the 5s. It really depends on which OS you're more familiar with and which screen size you prefer.
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